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MoviePass Review – Is it worth it? In short, ABSOLUTELY!

What if I told you there is a company that created such a program that allowed customers to see a new or recent released film every day for an entire month, at many participating theaters for only $9.95? Sounds too good to be true, right?Many people had their uncertainties about the company and its program from the initial announcement in August 2017. I for one didn’t have any reluctance and being the movie buff that I am, I had to get my hands on a MoviePass and try it out for myself.

A little background on MoviePass – The company was founded in 2011 by Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt. Before MoviePass became what it is today, the subscription-based ticketing movie service went through numerous changes. For example, the service wasn’t always priced at $9.95,  try $15-$50 and it also wasn’t always open to the public, it was more or so an invite only during its first launch. The huge change that occurred this year would not only be the price cut, but instead of subscribers spending a ton monthly to watch 2 or 3 films a month in theaters, MoviePass now allows subscribers to see a film a day for the entire month. So if a person goes to the movie theater for a whole month, in total that person could see 30 movies for only $9.95.

Ordering & Receiving the MoviePass

After the announcement was made in August, instead of jumping at the opportunity to be one of the new subscribers to the service, I  decided to sit back a few weeks to allow the company to send out what I would have to believe was over at least a quarter  of million of new sign-ups looking for their cards.

My plan of sitting back for a few weeks actually hurt me in the long run. I signed up for MoviePass on September 12th, I didn’t receive my card until October 16th. To be fair to the company, the company made numerous posts online via social media stating that they were still receiving  a high volume of new sign-ups. For those who recently signed-up, be on the lookout to receive your MoviePass card in a plain unmarked logo-less envelope. It should be noted at the time of sign-up, you will be charged for the month, but the first month doesn’t actually begin until you activate the card.

How does it work?

Since I had a few weeks to wait for my MoviePass, this gave me a chance to read up and truly understand how the service works. In short, you download the MoviePass app, open the app and search for your nearest theater. Once you have chosen your theater, select which film you would like to see, check in, and boom you’re all set to enjoy your movie. When you “check-in”, you’re not actually purchasing the ticket just yet, what this means is that MoviePass has added the funds to the debit card, that can now be used to purchase for said movie. Could it really be that easy and effortless?

Why yes it can. The first film I decided to see was Tyler Perry’s latest film Boo 2! – A Madea Halloween this past week. To make sure the app and card worked correctly, I decided to check in on the app an hour before showtime. Since this was my first time using the card, I was prompted to enter the last four digits of my MoviePass card. At first, the app seemed to be having connections issues, but I remembered I had my location service turned off. This would be an easy fix as I had to just go into my settings and turn on my location for the MoviePass app.

Word of advice for new users, make sure you at least 100 yards of the theater before you check in and reassure your phone’s location is turned on for the app. After making sure everything was in order, I entered last four digits, checked in for the film and on the next screen I was met with a “SUCCESS!” page.

Now, for the moment of truth, to really see if MoviePass would truly work. It was time to put it to the test, purchase the ticket with the MoviePass debit card. Not only did it work, it worked flawlessly with no issues at all. I was able to purchase my ticket at the theater just like any other credit card. MoviePass is legit.

It should be mentioned depending on your city location, certain theaters have the option of using E-ticketing. This method can be used without your MoviePass card.


It’s perfect for those who enjoy movies and goes to the theater a lot during a span of the month. If you’re like me, it’s quite a lot. There are really no cons to MoviePass other than the wait time for receiving your card in the mail. As mentioned, if your city has movie theaters that offer E-Ticketing, you can always use that method when waiting on your card to come. One addition I would like to see come to MoviePass in the future would be the option to add a second person to your subscription for a fee or a family option.

If you’re debating on taking the jump, I highly recommend doing so, it’s a great investment.

– Journalist Without A Beat… Out!

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