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Tre G. - Journalist Without A Beat

Hey, what’s up world!

My name is Tre G. – the ‘Journalist Without A Beat’. I would like to welcome you to the best that Pop Culture has to offer. This website/publication is your #1 stop for all news and features of music, movies, entertainment, and everything in between.

Some features you can expect from Journalist Without A Beat is original content, great coverage of concerts, photography, reviews, and exclusive interviews!

That’s right, I cover everything! No particular beat needed. What’s a “beat” you may ask? For all journalists and reporters, a beat is a subject area that a person is assigned to cover. I, Journalist Without A Beat will cover pretty much anything.

Want to have something featured on the site? Contact me, details are below.

Thanks for visiting!

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YouTube: Journalist Without A Beat

Twitter: @journalistwab

Facebook: Journalist Without A Beat

Instagram: journalistwithoutabeat

Periscope: JournalistWAB

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