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Feature | Top WrestleMania 32 Moments

A lot occurred at the Showcase of Immortals, so I have compiled a list of what I thought were some of the best moments of WrestleMania 32.

To some, this year’s WrestleMania looked a bit average, but as always, the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had some BIG surprises up his sleeves. WrestleMania even dominated Social Media all night.. On Twitter, #WrestleMania was trending the entire night, beating out #TWDFinale (The Walking Dead).

The Introduction of the New Women’s Championship 

The New Women's Championship
The New Women’s Championship

On the WrestleMania Kickoff show, former 4-time WWE Women’s Champion, Lita, introduced the new Women’s Championship to the WrestleMania audience, ushering in a new era for the Women’s division. Lita also stated the winner of the Triple Threat Diva’s Championship match would be awarded the new title.

Capes and Entrance Coats Galore!



WrestleMania is a very special time for the superstars of the WWE, so when WrestleMania season comes around, most superstars go all out on their gear. This year was no exception. More than 6 Superstars had the same idea for capes and sleeveless entrance coats.

Stardust pays tribute to The American Dream

IMG_7223During the Intercontinental Championship ladder match, Stardust paid tribute to his father “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes with his yellow polka dots on his gear and a custom ladder that sported the yellow polka dots that Dusty made famous during his WWE run.

Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship

Zack Ryder captures WWE gold once again
Zack Ryder captures WWE gold once again

 Talk about shock factor. This came out of nowhere. The dark horse of the match came out on top.

Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, & Stone Cold take out The League of Nations


After defeating New Day, The League of Nations called out any team of three to the ring. 3 WWE Hall of Famers would answer their call. Not just any Hall of Famers – Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley & Steve Austin would hit the ring and dismantle the entire League of Nations. This would be the first time Michaels, Foley, and Austin would team up since 1997!

Dean Ambrose grabs a chainsaw


But the chainsaw didn’t start and right after Ambrose got suplexed on the outside. During the course of the match, Brock Lesnar hit a combination of 13 suplexes on Dean Ambrose.

Sasha Banks wears Eddie Guerrero inspired gear.

[photo courtesy of Sasha Banks Instagram]
She even hit a frogsplash to break up Charlotte’s Figure 8. Though she didn’t win, the triple threat was one of best matches of the night.

Shane O’ Mac jumps off Hell in the Cell… and misses.


This match was hard-hitting from the start, with each competitors laying in shots. This match saw a Coast to Coast, steel steps slams, low blows, and Undertaker escaping Shane’s sleeperhold by throwing caution to the wind and pushing both of them through an announcer table. The conclusion came when Shane missed the high risk elbow from atop of the cell. Undertaker would pick up his limp body and deliver a tombstone for the win. The Undertaker is now 23-1. For a person who has been away from the ring since 2009, Shane McMahon didn’t miss a step.

DDP, Baron Corbin. Tatanka, & Shaquille o’Neal enter the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


Shaq is the last to be announced for the battle royal and comes to the ring with Desiigner’s Panda as his theme song. Rivals, Big Show and Shaq would join forces early on and deliver a double chokeslam to Kane. Shaq and Big Show would soon turn on each other and choke each other allowing the other participants to gang up and eliminate them both over the top rope. The only announcer to mention that Tatanka was even in the match was Byron Saxton.

Baron Corbin wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal


Corbin recovered from his lost to Austin Aires from Friday’s NXT: Takeover and won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This would be the first time a NXT superstar would earn the honor. After winning, a NXT chant broke out in the stadium.

The Rock’s not-so-electrifying appearance


The Rock comes out and does the “I’ve got goosebumps” thing for the millionth time. He also has a flamethrower (at the time this made no sense). He then proceeds to set his name “ROCK” on fire. Don’t know who thought this entrance was a good idea. It took about 3 minutes for PA’s to set up the ROCK sign. While this happened, Rock would walk from one side to the other showing off the flame thrower to the live audience.

Rock finally hits the ring and does his usual “Finally, The Rock…” bit. The Rock doesn’t even speak in third person anymore, there were a lot of “I’s” instead of “The Rock says”. The Rock would announce that Dallas, Texas had just broke the WrestleMania attendance record, but he doesn’t announce what the number is. His music hits and a graphic displays the new attendance – 101,763.

New WrestleMania attendance record.
New WrestleMania attendance record.

Suddenly, The Wyatt Family interrupts. Bray Wyatt states that The Rock represents a lie. Rocks comes back with saying that Bray “looks he’s been hitting the bong for eight days”. He also said that Bray is not the eater of worlds, but rather the eater of hot pockets. This leads into my next moment.

The Rock vs Eric Rowan in an unannounced 6 second match.


After insulting the Wyatt Family, The Rock announces that they are not going to have a WrestleMania fight, rather a WrestleMania match. He then proceeds to break out his wrestling gear. The entire match lasted a whole 6 seconds. This is now considered the shortest match in WrestleMania history.

John Cena returns to lend a hand to The Rock.


What’s WrestleMania without John Cena? Cena hits the ring to help Rock take out the Wyatt Family. This return must have been conformed at last minute as John Cena didn’t even have an entrance video.

 The Authority WrestleMania Entrance


 To put it short, The Authority really took this “control over others” quite literally with their entrance. Stephanie McMahon would appear on top of a post-apocalyptic podium, complete with minions holding WWE World Heavyweight championships below, declaring “WE OWN YOU!” to the crowd. Next, Triple H enters WrestleMania 32 in 2016 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (Yes, you read that right). These two are the only ones that believe in their own hype.

No special entrance for Roman Reigns, just the standard fireworks on the inside and outside when he did the Superman Punch motion.

No “This is Awesome” or “Holy S***” chants broke out when Roman speared Triple H through a barricade.


It seemed as no one in attendance was interested in this match at all. The crowd began chanting random things during the match. When Roman speared Triple H through the barricade, the crowd could care less. This match is definitely up there with Triple H vs Randy Orton from WrestleMania 25.

Roman Reigns wins his 3rd WWE World Championship at the longest WrestleMania… Ever.


Hopefully this marks the end of The Authority angle; it should have ended a long time ago. WrestleMania (Kickoff show) began at 4pm C.T. and the event didn’t end until 10:53pm C.T. This just might be the longest WrestleMania in history. Including the Kickoff show, this year’s WrestleMania was 6 Hours 11 Minutes and 4 seconds long.

– Journalist Without A Beat… Out!

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