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Recap & Photos | Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Panels

The Heroes & Villains Fan Fest held many exclusive panels with the casts of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham. During the panels, the actors and actresses shared some fun facts about their respective show and also revealed some important information.

I attended all the show panels and have compiled a list of all the important key notes from each.

Women of Arrow Panel

The Women of Arrow Panel
The Women of Arrow Panel
  • Caity Lotz stated she loves working on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but says she may be back on Arrow soon.
  • All actresses stated they all have fun on set.

The Flash Panel

The cast of The Flash
The cast of The Flash
  • The Flash cast loves to play intense games of Uno during breaks of filming
  • Carlos Valdes stated he has a lot of freedom when it comes to “The Flash” scripts
  • Teddy Sears said playing Jay Garrick was the biggest gift of his acting career.
  • Danielle Panabaker loved playing Killer Frost
  • Carlos Valdes loved the Earth 2 episode, especially playing “Reverb”
  • There were a lot of questions for Carlos Valdes during the panel
  • To prepare for his role of “Firestorm”, Robbie Amell said DC sent him a ton of Justice League comics.
  • According to Robbie Amell, you will not see Batman or Superman on the CW, but will see other DC superheroes
  • Danielle Panabaker would love to continue playing the evil Killer Frost, but said she would miss “Caitlin”.
  • Robbie Amell wants to see Suicide Squad in theaters, and recommends seeing Deadpool.
  • The cast of “The Flash” stated they do see Grant Gust doing Fan Fests/Conventions in the near future.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Panel

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Panel
The cast DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • When asked what were their favorite super heroes growing up, Ciara Renée recalled her favorite being Batman along with Gargoyles .
  • Caity Lotz had a love/hate relationship in The Joker as her favorite super hero (or villain) growing up.
  • Indiana Jones was Arthur Darvill’s favorite.
  • All were excited for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow being picked up for a second season


The Men of Arrow Panel

The cast of Arrow
  • Stephen Amell stated that each year that Arrow and The Flash are on TV, there will be a crossover episode.
  • Stephen Amell said it takes 30 minutes to apply the wig he wears in flashback scenes on Arrow.
  • If Felicity had a super power, it would be “Mind Control” according to Amell.
  • When asked what makes the cast “Geek Out”, Amell said the show “Mad Men”
  • Echo Kellum states he geeks out to “The Walking Dead”.

Gotham: Bad Guys Panel

Cast of Gotham
The cast of Gotham
  • To get into character, Erin Richards said she listens to Queens of the Stone Age and the Drive movie soundtrack
  • According to Robin Lord Taylor, the Gotham producers had many different sizes of people audition for “The Penguin” role
  • Robin Lord Taylor said he would not gain weight for a future version of Penguin, but would invest in a “fat suit”.
  • Robin Lord Taylor would love a “run for office” storyline on Gotham for Penguin.
  • “The comic that spoke to me the most was Penguin: Pain and Prejudice” – Robin Lord Taylor on his favorite comic.
  • Robin Lord Taylor favorite episode of Gotham Season 2 is episode 16. Which hasn’t aired yet.
  • David Mazouz crashed the panel dressed as Batman.
  • All said they have taken something from the set. Robin Lord Taylor took newspapers, Drew Powell has a “Butch” suit in his closet & Erin Richards added a picture of her own grandparents to Barbara’s apartment.

Check out photos from the panels

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