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Review | LION BABE – Begin

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that can make an album great.

You know it’s always a great feeling when you know an artist(s) pours their heart into their projects, especially their debut LP – LION BABE did just that.

This neo-soul duo consists of Jillian Hervey (vocals and daughter of actress and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams) and Lucas Goodman (musician and production). Though relatively new to the music scene, releasing their first single Treat Me Like Fire a few years back, LION BABE brings something fresh to the table. You’ve might have heard them on Disclosure’s album Caracal on the track Hourglass.

Their sound can be described as 70’s disco meets 90’s house music and becomes friends with today’s pop. Begin is lined with 13 tracks, production from Pharrell on Wonder Woman and one feature coming from Childish Gambino on the track Jump Hi. Lucas Goodman’s production and Jillian Hervey’s voice has enough power and uniqueness to carry the majority of the album.

Begin touches on a number of topics ranging from acceptance, love, and everyday struggles, but it’s the way it’s presented that makes a statement. These topics are presented with a classic/new age sound.

Whole kicks off the album – a track that has a slow build in the intro and deals with a person who hates how the other person acts, but yet has fallen for them. The track has a nice groove to it, but I found track #2, Jump Hi to have far better energy and would have served better as the opener.  Impossible has all the ingredients for a pop hit – drums, a quick snap here and there, and a catchy hook that repeats “I’ve lost my head top, don’t you stop, I wanna see you rock, I got that jaw drop, still on lock”. As time goes on, I see this track getting more radio turns and being used in more commercials.

Stressed OUT! would be one of my favorite tracks on Begin. This track has that disco sound that sounds closely to Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell. LION BABE sings about the vices and everyday struggles, the “little things” that stress people out. In turn, we as humans try to find ways to cope with these issues, so we take a short “holiday” break in our head to get away. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. This is definitely the standout track on the album.

The album also features the singles Where Do We Go and Treat Me Like Fire. It’s not always a party on this album; LION BABE delivers some slow R&B tunes in form of Satisfy My Love, Jungle Lady, Everyday Life and Little Dreamer.

LION BABE made a strong first showing with their debut album, Begin. Each track on this LP was carefully crafted and each track flows effortlessly into the next. It also known with this album that the duo has respect for the classics –mixing the 70’s disco sound with elements from today’s pop. They also samples the 1920’s vaudeville sound on Got Body. LION BABE has a unique sound that is vital for today’s music.

– Journalist Without A Beat 

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