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If You’re In Line, You’re On Time! HELLZAPOPPIN Photos

“If you’re in line, you’re on time!” echoed ‘the Govna’ of Hellzapoppin to the awaiting crowd.

What’s Hellzapoppin you may ask? Hellzapoppin is more than a regular “freak show”, it’s an experience. Included with your admission into Riot Fest is the option to head over to the large blue and yellow tent with the demon mouth entrance. Inside is something you probably have not seen before or will ever see again.

Bryce “the GOVNA” Graves, Tess LaCoil, Short E. Dangerously, and Dai Andrews all bring something different to the table.

The Govna is your host with the most, but that is not all. Throughout the show, GOVNA displays his talents ,such as sticking a screwdriver into the center of his skull and sniffing two popcorn kernels into his nose and blowing them out of his eye sockets! You have to see it to believe it.

The lovely and dangerous Tess LaCoil brings the flames… Literally. LaCoil’s breath-taking fire performance with batons set on fire is a sight to see live. Tess LaCoil also lies on a bed of nails, with another bed of nails placed on top of her. Hardcore.

Allow me to set the tone for the phenomenal Short E. Dangerously. Short E. is 3’3 and has hands where his feet should be. He is the true Half-Man. Short E. Dangerously performance features acrobatics, walking on glass, joking about GOVNA’s sister, and launching himself into the audience!

The death-defying Dai Andrews holds the Guinness World record for swallowing a sword that is curved 120 degrees, and yes Andrews proved why he holds that world record.  Not only did Dai swallow a curved sword, he swallowed several other swords. The whole performance is mind-boggling.

If Hellzapoppin is ever in (or near) your town, I highly recommend checking them out. Be prepared, you will be entertained!

Check out the photos below of Hellzapoppin at Riot Fest.

– Journalist Without A Beat

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