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Chicago was definitely “All In” this past Sunday.

When it was announced that the first 50 fans would be allowed admission into the official ALL IN Press Conference at Pro Wrestling Tees, Chicago fans turned out in full force and some even camped out in hopes of getting the scoop on what to expect at All In on September 1st.

If you’re not wrestling fan, chances are you may have never heard of the event known as ALL IN – ALL IN is the huge wrestling event being produced and financed by the trio of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

The press conference kicked off with Burnard The Business Bear, the only way he knows how, signaling everyone to stand up and clap their hands. Hosting duties were handled by comedian & actress Jennifer Decker, who first introduced “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes to the podium. Cody welcomed everyone and thanked Decker for the introduction, but insisted he should inform the people of something.

“My name is Cody Rhodes, I’m a twelve year pro, and although I go by “The American Nightmare”, I still very much believe in The American Dream” said Rhodes.

Cody stated fans will see “elite” wrestling at ALL IN, and the offices of Ring of Honor gave him and along with the Young Bucks approval to break their contracts to put on the show. The first surprise of the day was when Cody introduced The Smashing Pumpkins lead vocalist, Chicagoan, and National Wrestling Alliance Executive, Billy Corgan to the press conference. Corgan spoke on the importance of the ALL IN event and praised the city of Chicago.

He reminisced on his conservation with Stone Cold Steve Austin where Austin proclaimed Chicago as “greatest wrestling town in the world”, which was met with huge ovation. Corgan wasn’t done as he officially announced that the historic NWA Championship will be defended at All IN. Cody would then chime in to announce that he will be challenging for the title come September 1st.

Third generation wrestler, Tessa Blanchard was out next and briefly spoke on the “pressure and stress” she has to carrying on her family name and to also create a path of her own. Blanchard stated she blessed to apart of such a huge event and ALL IN is giving the woman of wrestling the platform to prove that the evolution of women’s wrestling is in good hands.

Next up was the duo of Marty Scurll and Hangman Page, who were met with great fanfare. Both Scurll and Page decided to begin to take questions from the “press”. Everything was going great until a reporter, who suspiciously resemble wrestler Flip Gordon, asked why Flip wasn’t booked for the event. Scurll called the reporter to front to reveal under the fake mustache, that the “reporter” was indeed Flip Gordon. Gordon would lead a Flip chant and proceed to hit Marty Scurll with a super kick, but as he turned his attention to Hangman Page, he was hit with a spine buster through one of the conference tables.

Gordon would remain on the ground, suffering in pain and agony, until the final speakers, The Young Bucks entered. After calling for help for Flip, Matt Jackson told Flip, “we’re still trying, man” in response to Flip Gordon being booked. The Bucks touched on how far they’ve came, to having a Hot Topic deal to getting their own Funko Pop figures to now putting on wrestling show inside of a 10,000 seat arena. Before concluding the conference, Matt & Nick thanked the fans for their great support and revealed that the one of (if not) the greatest high-flying legends in wrestling, Rey Mysterio will be wrestling as part of ALL IN.

In the duo’s closing statements, they reminded everyone the on-sale time for tickets to ALL IN. As of this writing, ALL IN officially sold out in 29 minutes and 36 seconds.

After the live stream went off-air, Cody and the Bucks took some time to answer some hard hitting questions from press and audience. It was revealed that Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson was set to be a major part of ALL IN before resigning with WWE.

With the event taking place in the Chicago area, of course there were questions in regards to CM Punk making an appearance. It was announced a few days before the conference that Punk would be part of ALL IN weekend, with an autograph signing at Pro Wrestling Tees. Though they didn’t rule out Punk making an appearance, Cody, Matt & Nick did not confirm either.

Journalist Without A Beat had the opportunity to ask a question in regards to the possibility of ALL IN being streamed. Cody stated that at the time there are no current plans to stream the event, but they don’t want to rule it out. It was also confirmed by Cody they were in talks with several companies if they were to decide to stream.

The final question was centered on Chris Jericho appearing at the event. The answer? Cody slowly creeped backed behind the ALL IN and thanked everyone for coming out, thus not confirming or denying.

ALL IN is set to takeover the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, IL on September 1st.

See photos from the ALL IN Press Conference below

– Journalist Without A Beat… Out!

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