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News | Chromeo Announces New Album ‘Head Over Heels’

The Funklordz are back! Dave 1 & P-Thugg or collectively known as the Chromeo has announced today that their 5th studio album Head Over Heels is on its way.If you’re a fan of the funkdafied group, you would know on the official Chromeo Instagram account, the two has been in the lab aka the recording studio cooking up some fresh tunes for quite a while now. Fans have been waiting for something new  ever since 2014 when Chromeo released their third album White Women.

For those who wanted an update on when new music would drop, they got in form of an interview with Fuse TV earlier this year when the electro funk duo both confirmed that the new album was still being worked on and that they may also need another year to finish it.

2017 has also saw the group perform at many music festivals across the country, including their Funk on the Rocks show at Red Rocks in June. The group even took a moment from recording to address the notorious rumor about the so-called lost track titled “Black Mac”. How was this rumor resolved? By releasing the lost track of course – Sort of. The track was available for a short time on Chromeo’s Instagram Live Story, before disappearing. Black Mac would be the first piece of new music heard from the group in few years. One would hope somehow the song ends up on the new album as a bonus track.

As of right now, no first single has been announced/released yet, but the album trailer does feature a new song with the signature Chromeo sound we all know and love. The trailer also reveals that duo is keeping up the theme of featuring women in heels on the covers of their albums and also in their music videos – though this time it’s done a bit differently.

Check out the Head Over Heels trailer below

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