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3 Chicago Artists You Should Have In Your Playlist

It’s time for an update to that playlist of yours.

Chicago is a city filled with amazing talented music artists and sometimes it’s a bit hard to discover these artists and their music. That’s where I step in. Journalist Without A Beat has you covered and chosen 3 of the best up and coming artists that would make a great addition to your music library.

Who knows, this may become a weekly feature on the site where I feature new artists from around the country.

I.P.D MoneySquad

IPD MoneySquad
IPD MoneySquad ( J Jizzy, Supa Six, Yuvng Pharaoh)

With thousands of listens stacking up on their Soundcloud page, IPD MoneySquad is the group making the right moves in 2016. Impatiently Determined is the term that perfectly sums up this rap group. Don’t expect to hear asinine humming and mumbling over beats, which seems to be the trend in today’s rap/hip hop scene. I.P.D’s bars and sound is such a force to be reckoned with, that it will soon be heard around the world.

I.P.D MoneySquad member Yuvng Pharaoh aka Wooski WTS has been in the Chicago rap scene for quite a while, releasing his first mixtape The Takeover: Chicago’s Reckoning in 2012. After dropping tracks throughout the years, the now Yuvng Pharaoh linked up with fellow Chicagoans Supa Six, J Jizzy, and Bando Ricko. I.P.D MoneySquad is also a part of the mega rap group TTE (True Turnt Energy) with SoS.

While Yuvng Pharaoh, Supa Six, and Bando Ricko handle the raps, J Jizzy is the group’s singer. Serving up smooth R&B hooks on many tracks, Jizzy can also drop a quick 16 when needed. 

The group dropped two projects this year with their first being Grand Prix released in February. Grand Prix would be followed up with Just Watch. Yuvng Pharaoh with conjunction with the rest of I.P.D released his first full-length project since 2012 with Welcome To The Art Show this past May. With each release, the group takes it to another level.

I.P.D MoneySquad is currently putting the finishing touches on their new untitled EP set to drop before the new year.

Check out IPD’s soundcloud for future releases.

Bella Bahhs

Bella Bahhs (photo courtesy of
Bella BAHHS (photo courtesy of

It’s BAHHS, not BARS

Bella BAHHS (BLK ANCESTORS HERE HEALING SOCIETY) is the dopest, realist, and honest female MC coming out the Chi. When it comes to having one of the sickest flows in the game, Bella can hang with the best of them. Bella BAHHS’s music deals with a lot of issues especially shinning the spotlight on awareness of what is currently happening around us today.

Not only is she a rapper, she’s an activist. Front and center is where you will find Bella BAHHS when unfortunate events and injustice occurs in Chicago. For her contributions, Bella has received kudos from professionals in many industries for the work she does with Black Lives Matter, and her #BAHHSNotBARS campaign.

Releasing her new single Suitcase earlier this year, Bella calls it “an ode to and critical exploration of the intersectionality of black womanhood”. Of course Bella rips the DJ Lisa Decibel produced track. Suitcase even features a sample of Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady.

For more on Bella Bahhs, visit her website at


SOS Symba & SOS Tay Herbo
SOS Symba & SOS Tay Herbo

The youngest members of True Turnt Energy, SoS consists of SoS King Symba & SoS Tay Herbo. For their ages, SoS has some of the hardest lines and metaphors coming out of Chicago in 2016. Their latest project No Clout No Fame features many standout tracks such as Too Much and I’m from Chicago. Each track sees Symba and Herbo trade off with phenomenal verses. The 10 track project serves a great introduction to duo known as SOS.

No Clout No Fame can be downloaded here

Take a listen to the tracks Too Much and I’m from Chicago

SoS – Too Much

SoS featuring I.P.D.’s J jizzy – I’m from Chicago

– Journalist Without A Beat… Out!

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