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Feature | Who Is AJ Styles & Why Is He Important?

For over a month, there has been nonstop talk all over the internet on AJ Styles possibly joining the largest sports entertainment company in the world, WWE.

For some, the name AJ Styles might not ring a bell. Well, Journalist Without A Beat is here to explain why if the rumblings are true, WWE is about to have one of (if not) the best professional wrestler in the world under their brand.

Many may not know, but AJ Styles did work in WCW in its last days, teaming with Air Paris as Air Raid. Once the demise of WCW came, Styles would appear in WWE in 2002 (but you already knew that).

Like John Cena is to WWE, AJ Styles was to TNA. AJ Styles was the face of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling; he was their “guy”. You could put any wrestler up against Styles and it was guaranteed to be an excellent match. While he is considered a high flyer, Styles is also a great technical wrestler who can adapt to any opponent’s répertoire.

Known as one of the pioneers of TNA’s X-Division, TNA is where “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles was born. For twelve years, Styles would hone his craft in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, becoming their first Grand Slam champion, winning all championships available.

What is considered to be TNA’s greatest match, September 11, 2005 saw “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels put his X-Division title on the line against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. This would also mark history in TNA as this was the first time the X-Division Championship was defended in the main event of a Pay Per View.

As time went on, TNA would begin having a variety of issues. Talent would leave because of this, but AJ Styles was loyal to the company he put on his back for so many years. Through the good and bad, he was there. So this may come as a shock, but in late 2013 and into 2014, TNA couldn’t come to an agreement to keep AJ Styles in TNA.

His last appearance would come on the January 9, 2014 of edition of TNA’s Impact Wrestling

The former 5 time TNA Heavyweight Champion (3x NWA Champion, 2x TNA Heavyweight Champion) would find great success overseas in Japan’s NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling). AJ Styles would become a member of the Bullet Club capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship twice.

This brings us to present day. If the rumors are true, AJ Styles would be the next important exclusive WWE signing. Styles brings years of experience with an innovative style of wrestling that is unmatched. I’ve met Styles numerous occasions; he’s a very humble individual who loves the wrestling business and his supporters. I can only hope that great success will be in AJ Styles WWE Career.

Will we see a Styles Clash at the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Only time will tell.

– Journalist Without A Beat

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