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Future – DS2 Review

After taking a whole week to take in what DS2 had to offer, here’s my review.

DS2 released on July 17, 2015 and it was met with high praise. I can see why this album is getting high marks from rappers and fans – Future brings it back to the Trap with this album. Not only does Future take it back to the trap, he also digs deep and brings forward what put him on the map – that stick talk.

With his previous albums Pluto and Honest, I always felt that Future had to follow guidelines that were given to him by top record executives. With DS2, I feel Future did it his way this time around.

Future has been a roll since releasing mixtapes – Beast Mode and 56 Nights earlier this year. The same sound heard on both mixtapes is heard on DS2, but much better.

The opening track ‘Thought it Was a Drought’ sets the tone for the whole album. Deep bass and the lyrics we all come to expect from Future. DS2 song selection varies when it comes to topics. Topics discussed are of course the trap, women, and money. But what is absent is Future spitting about his luxury lifestyle. As I stated before, Future went into this album thinking one thing – Give back to the hood and his loyal fans.

DS2’s only feature comes from the recently accused (of not writing his own raps), Drake, on the track ‘Where Ya At’. Majority of the songs on the album feature a new signature of Future and that is a siren soundbite. It can be described as sounding similar to the siren from the movies Kill Bill and Kill Bill Vol. 2. Though it might be hard for new listeners to remember what song they were listening to because of this – it doesn’t take away from the tracks it’s on.

Tracks such as Lil One, Stick Talk, and Rotation are just a few songs that bump.

The deluxe edition of DS2 hosts 5 bonus tracks, including the radio hit “Commas”.

If you are just beginning to discover Future’s music – this album is a great starting point. Every track on DS2 is a hit, and that’s coming from a person who is not a huge Future supporter. A week later after being released, the album is still being talked about, and that’s for good reason. The production and Future’s style of delivering is top notch. I highly recommend picking up Future’s – DS2.

DS2 is the album of the summer.

– Journalist Without A Beat

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