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Recap | Tracy Morgan – Picking Up The Pieces Tour

Tracy is still the same ol’ Tracy, and that’s a great thing.

The 3rd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival presented by The Onion, The A.V. Club and truTV kicked off with a boom, when Tracy Morgan brought his new “Picking Up The Pieces” tour to Chicago’s Civic Opera House. The first 50 guests in attendance were gifted with exclusive truTV Polaroid Snap cameras – The night was off to great start.

The festivities kicked off with comedian Tracy Ashley – Chicago seemed to enjoy her set that included her speaking on her marriage and trying marijuana for the first time.

Without any delay, the host introduced Tracy Morgan to the stage. The stage setup was the classic set-up for Tracy – one chair, one table and one mic. Tracy was met with a standing ovation. Chicago would be one of the first cities that Tracy Morgan would perform standup in after his horrible accident in June of 2014 involving a Walmart truck. From the get-go, Tracy was in good spirits and ready to hit Chicago with some new material. It should be noted that the show had a strict policy on no photo/video recording during the show, this was even mentioned when the show began and there were signs throughout the Civic Opera House that displayed this request. Not even 2 minutes into his set, a man in the front row began to record Tracy. Tracy spotted this right away and called the man out on it in Tracy Morgan fashion. Meaning he cursed the guy out.

If you thought Tracy would shy away from talking about his accident and recovery, you would be wrong. He was very open about it and told stories of his hard recovery in hilarious manner. Tracy kicked things off by saying he did indeed go to heaven, but God told him to go back. He said during his short time in heaven he did speak with some famous people. According to Tracy, The Nortorious B.I.G. has lost weight, and “Elvis Presley still looks like shit, he just can’t leave that fried food alone”. The funniest part of his time in heaven was when he spoke to the “real” Michael Jackson that revealed to Tracy that he died “in that Pepsi commercial” and a crazy dude took over his persona.

At one point, Tracy mentioned before he went into his coma there were only 3 Kardashians, when he awoke there were 10. He even joked about the possibility of dating Caitlyn Jenner.

Tracy Morgan continued to talk about his horrible ordeal with Walmart and mentioned that after the accident he continued to shop at Walmart because they have the best prices. However, he did reveal the prices went up a penny due to them having to pay him. Throughout his performance Tracy would glance at sheets of paper placed on the table. After turning over the first page, he said “ok this page works”, and he was right, there were many people crying of joy after each joke.

unnamed (27)
Tracy Morgan live in Chicago
A Tracy Morgan show wouldn’t be a Tracy Morgan show without him talking about his genitalia, sex, and his family. It was all here, it was all new and it was all hilarious. He spoke about “falling in love” with his physical therapy trainer, getting upset at his speech coach, and his uncle trying to steal his heart monitor at the hospital.

The hour and half show came to an end when Tracy finished with a relationship bit from his 2014 special – Bona Fide. Chicago once again stood and gave Tracy a standing ovation as he took a bow. I found myself not wanting the jokes to end. His new material is golden. Do yourself a favor and go see Tracy Morgan’s Picking Up The Pieces Tour when it comes to your city.

He’s back and better than ever.

– Journalist Without A Beat… Out!

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