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Bad Barbers!

Has anyone ever had a bad haircut? I’m expecting a resounding “Yes”. More importantly has anyone ever thoroughly explained to their barber the type of cut they wanted and the end result wasn’t what you were expecting?

Well I have the unfortunate experience of experiencing this first hand. Last year I found a great barber, who would cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I was a satisfied customer. Months go by – I begin to notice the haircuts weren’t coming out as crisp as they used to. At this point I was accustomed to leaving the barbershop with a great haircut and not a subpar one. I felt my barber was getting lazy.

This proved to be true. The last time I got my haircut by this barber, I had to come home and finish the haircut myself. Firstly the guy was high; I should have taken that as a warning. I’ll try to explain the cut to you all. I asked for a bald fade and line up on my beard -in turn, I left the shop with uneven sides on both hair and beard. And yes, I did ask if he could even the sides, but he just wasn’t doing a good job.

This past week I tried a new barber, want to guess the results? Good, subpar, or excellent? Try none of the above. I don’t know if it’s just the barbers in Chicago or what? Does anyone listen to the customer anymore? I even showed this guy a few pics of how I wanted my hair cut. Once again I had to fix it myself. I shouldn’t have to do this.

Looks like I’ll be cutting my own hair for a while.

I want to hear about your bad haircuts and bad barbers experiences. Comment below!

– Journalist Without A Beat

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  1. I have experienced several bad haircuts throughout the years! One haircut turned out so bad that I ended up shaving my head bald. That was not a pretty sight! I was pissed! I think sometimes barbers get too comfortable with cutting their clients hair and don’t put in as much effort. It’s good to switch up stylist every know and then.

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